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Payment Options

  • VISA & Mastercard & E-TRANSFER preferred
    • We process your purchases ourselves.
    • If we already have your card number from a previous transaction we can process immediately upon your e-mail authorization.
    • Your charge will be in Canadian Dollars. Your bank will convert to your currency.
    • We add no fees.
    • We ship immediately upon authorization.
    • How:
      Telephone (voice) 1-705-292-7013
      Toll free phone (North America only) 1-866-382-6326.
      We need your card number, expiry date, 3 digit security code and your name as it appears on the card.

  • Cheques
    • We accept cheques drawn on U.S. or Canadian banks.
    • In most cases we do not wait for checks to clear before shipping. We may, at our discretion, require time for cheque clearance if either of the following factors apply to this transaction:
      • We have not done business together before.
      • The cheque is for a significant amount.
    • Cheque clearance from Canada to the U.S. takes 3 weeks. If either of the above factors apply to this transaction, we recommend one of the other available payment methods.
    • How: Send your cheque to our mailing address below.
      Make checks payable to "E.S.J. van Dam Ltd.".

  • Money Orders
    • U.S. Postal Money Orders, or any other US$ money orders purchased in the US, or drawn on a US bank are acceptable.
    • International Money Orders from the U.S.P.S., Western Union, banks etcetera are accepted in either US$ or C$.
    • We ship upon receipt.
    • How: Send to our mailing address below (also on your e-mail auction invoice from us).
      Make payable to "E.S.J. van Dam Ltd.".

  • Cash
    • We accept cash payments in any major currency, and many minor ones. For US$ payments, ask us for an exchange rate.
    • Cash payments are sent strictly at your own risk. Registration is not a guarantee!
    • We recommend you do not send cash in a greeting card sized envelope. Birthday cards often include cash, and postal handlers around the world know it!
    • How: Very carefully! Send to our mailing address below (also on your e-mail auction invoice from us).

  • Others
    • If there is a payment method that you are familiar with but is not listed here, please let us know. We are always happy to add to our payment options where we can.


Contact Information

Mail: E.S.J. van Dam Ltd.
P.O. Box 300,
Bridgenorth, Ontario,
Canada K0L 1H0

Telephone: 1-705-292-7013

Toll Free numbers (North America only)
Telephone 1-866 - EVANDAM

Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
GMT -5 hours (November - April)
GMT -4 hours (May - October)